Ben - the consulting lead and research strategist - holds a doctorate in Social Cognitive Psychology with a secondary degree in Quantitative Methods (NYU).  He has worked in MR for nearly 25 years, including stints at Martin-Hamblin/GfK, Hall + Partners Healthcare, and Momentum Market Intelligence.  He co-founded Definitive Insights in 2009, which he and his partners sold to YouGov shortly thereafter, and which he left to join KGR+C LLC in 2013.  His current + most recent clients include Accenture, Mirum Digital/JWT, Lacrosse Footwear, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, D'Addario Music, the US Treasury Department/IRS, Yahoo! and DefyMedia/Acumen.

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Connie - our research execution, equity, modeling and statistics lead - holds a doctorate in Developmental Psychology (NYU), specializing in racial and ethnic identity, and a Master's in Education (Harvard).  Connie started out as an applied researcher at Nickelodeon, and came up through the ranks at ARC LLC and the Educational Development Center/Center for Children & Technology.  She left EDC to get her PHD at NYU, and has worked as a research consultant, equity leader, and analyst in academic and research consulting ever since.