We custom-design research

  • We build qualitative and/or quantitative research methods, modules and programs customized to our clients' goals and strategies, rather than standardized products.
  • We create KPIs, metric and models that dovetail with more traditional industry-standard metrics for multiple stakeholder groups and business units.
  • We design research to describe and explain, so the findings and insights can be internalized and applied by researchers and non-researchers alike.

we consult

  • We share best practices for research and data collection, database construction + analytics; and,
  • We help clients integrate research findings with their extant streams of marketing, sales and industry data so research is better contextualized, easier to communicate, and more evocative to stakeholders.

we facilitate, RESEARCH and consult about equity

  • We facilitate large, small, and individual discussions about racial equity;
  • We develop customized qualitative and research projects for equity assessment; and
  • We consult about organizational change and strategic recommendations focused on equity.