We are psychologists and statisticians with over 20 years of experience designing, analyzing and explaining research to help predict and understand human behavior in Market and Scientific Research.  We are passionate believers in the power of research to explain, predict and understand human behavior, and have spent decades learning how to translate and apply research findings to business challenges and strategy development.

KGR+C was founded to allow us to provide the best + most appropriate research and analysis for our clients, along with the level of engagement required to make the learnings + insights live beyond the presentation of findings.  We are methodologically agnostic and don't have pre-packaged approaches to problem solving.  Instead, we spend the time on the ground to learn about your business and the challenges you face, determine the best methods and tools to use, and design the research and project team from there.  

We are skilled facilitators, researchers, and consultants regarding racial equity work.  Our customized approach for individual organizations leads to careful research and support for fostering understanding and promoting growth regarding racial equity.  

We've done our work successfully for clients across a broad range of industries and sectors, including Financial Services, Management Consulting, Technology, Healthcare, Digital and Traditional Advertising, Media, Academia, Government Organizations, and Non-Profit Organizations, and have grown entirely through client recommendations and repeat engagements.